After decades of being relegated to the basement , sub-floors of buildings and the backyard, concrete flooring have gradually found their way into homes. Many persons become skeptical about the durability and practicality of concrete flooring beyond aesthetics . Choosing your flooring is very critical in the finishing of any home and to make a smart choice, enough information is needed on any flooring option.


Concrete is a natural composite material made from an aggregate combined with a cement binder and water mixed in the right proportions depending on the specification of the engineer. Concrete is the most basic flooring material. Outdoors, the concrete is poured directly onto the gravel or dirt bed in order to install the foundation of a building. However indoors, the concrete is installed over a subfloor which is covered with a vapor barrier sheet that prevents moisture from moving up into the concrete.

The concrete slab is then smoothed and allowed to dry for an appropriate amount of time. Further, it can be treated with dyes to transform the slab into a decorative surface of appealing texture and design  that appropriate for flooring. Also, the concrete floor may become and subfloor for other flooring options.


Durability : If you are looking for a durable flooring option that will stand the test of time, concrete flooring is the choice to make. Reinforced by aggregate, it is …

Laminate Flooring V.S Hard Wood Floors

I cannot deny that the wood floors are gorgeous to look at, warm and pleasant, but to the same extent, laminate flooring can be gotten for much less money and fewer headaches! In many cases, laminated wood may be a preferable choice. Not only does it look like “wood,” in most cases it is as good as real hardwood.

Waterproof or not?

When I hear the word “waterproof” I think it is not touched by moisture Well, this is not the main cases with the both wood. Floors manufacturers, make use of this as a selling point “waterproof” are outlets, and why not “sell,” but the truth is that wood and water/moisture do not mix.

Well, none of both kinds of wood are completely waterproof. Too much moisture exposure to a piece of wood it will expand, and when dry it contract. This type of activity causes many problems with the hardwood floors.

Impact has it affect

As thick and durability as hardwood, easy interactions! Hard to believe, but true! Pull the object with sharp edges or heavy panels on the hardwood floor and leave the mark. Do the same and do not leave the laminate on the floor … The laminate coating with aluminum oxide can be compared to steel. Hard as a stone!

Wood scratching

Floors with hardwood floors scratch with ease. You have to be very careful when moving furniture, or something much less weight or more …

carpet flooring

Floor Care – Valuable Information You Need To Know About Floor Cleaning

There are all types of flooring and if you take good care of them, they can last a lifetime. However, if you don’t know the basics of good floor care then it will make it far harder to keep the floors in good shape. So, what do you know about floor care? Read on and find out some valuable information about floor cleaning.

Understand What Type of Flooring You Have

Every floor is different and that essentially means you cannot treat each floor the same. You can have carpeting in the lower ground of your home but upstairs you have laminate or wood flooring and that requires a variety of floor care. However, if you don’t really know for sure what flooring you have then you could use the wrong cleaning method and that will cause more trouble. That is why you absolutely must understand your flooring type in order to find the best cleaning method.

Choose a Cleaning Technique That Suits Your Flooring

Cleaning techniques vary from floor varieties. You cannot use a conventional floor cleaner to wash wood flooring and you can’t technically mop it either, otherwise you could seriously damage the wood finish. Adding a coat of stain may be suitable if the flooring has been stained heavily and instead of replacing it, you could use a nice wood stain. Carpet cleaning is different as floor care here may require stain removal in the form of a …